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Auditor general’s report into Nova Scotia school violence ‘confirms’ what school administrators have been saying: PSAANS

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The Public School Administrators Association of Nova Scotia (PSAANS) has expressed strong support for the Auditor General’s recent report on preventing and addressing violence in Nova Scotia’s public schools.

The association emphasized the need for collaborative efforts to implement the report’s recommendations.

“This report confirms what our members have been telling us for years, that we are seeing a growing number of violent incidents at schools and that changes must be made to reduce and prevent future incidents,” said Dr. Scott Armstrong, chair of PSAANS. “We need a province-wide strategy to address violence in schools, with allocated resources to ensure its effective implementation.”

The Auditor General’s report underscores the necessity for improved data collection, enhanced training for educators, and comprehensive support systems to manage and prevent violence in public schools. It highlights the importance of creating a safe and inclusive learning environment for all students and staff.

PSAANS said it’s committed to professional development for administrators, adequate staffing, enhanced supervision plans, and increased on-site mental health support.

“By implementing these recommendations, we can significantly improve the educational landscape in Nova Scotia and ensure that our schools are safe for students to learn and grow as well as for our staff,” said Armstrong.

The association calls for the involvement of all stakeholders, including parents, community leaders, and policymakers, in supporting the implementation of these recommendations. PSAANS is prepared to work closely with the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, the Nova Scotia Teachers Union (NSTU), and other partners to enhance school safety and well-being, it said in a press release.

PSAANS represents educational leaders at the school and regional levels. Its mission is to advocate for the interests of educational administrators and to promote student and teaching excellence within the public school system of Nova Scotia. PSAANS focuses on effective leadership that supports the recruitment and retention of educational leaders, ultimately aiming to build strong systems and schools where staff and student success are the priorities.

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