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Number of Canadians working from home full-time decreasing: Statistics Canada

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The proportion of Canadians working exclusively from home has gradually decreased over the past year, according to the latest data from Statistics Canada.

In May 2024, 13.2% of employed Canadians aged 15 to 69 reported working entirely from home, a slight decline from 14.4% in May 2023 and a notable drop from 18.7% in May 2022.

This shift comes in the wake of the lifting of most pandemic-related public health restrictions in 2022, which saw many workers returning to their offices and job sites. Since then, the rate of decrease in home-based employment has slowed, reflecting a stabilization in work arrangements.

YearExclusively from Home (%)Hybrid Work Arrangement (%)
May 202218.76.4
May 202314.410.0
May 202413.210.3
Source: Statistics Canada

In addition to those working exclusively from home, 10.3% of employees reported having a hybrid work arrangement in May 2024, meaning they split their work hours between home and other locations. This figure is relatively unchanged from 10.0% in May 2023, following an increase from 6.4% in May 2022.

The data suggests that while the initial return to workplaces post-pandemic was significant, the trend towards hybrid work models has remained stable over the past year, indicating a possible long-term shift in how Canadians approach their work environments.

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