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Rodney Cook reappointed to second term on Ontario’s Prevention Council

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Rodney Cook has been reappointed to serve a second term on Ontario’s Prevention Council.

The Prevention Council advises the Minister of Labour, Training and Skills Development and the Chief Prevention Officer on a wide range of occupational health and safety issues, including:

  • prevention of workplace injuries and illnesses
  • development of the provincial occupational health and safety strategy
  • any significant proposed changes to funding and delivery of services under the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

Cook is the vice-president of Workplace Health and Safety Services at the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB).

Cook said he was “proud and excited” about the appointment.

“For those who know me, I am passionate about health and safety and creating safer workplaces,” he said in a LinkedIn post.

“I see this work as critical morally, but as important, it is a strategic advantage for businesses driving productivity, engagement and business success. I want to thank Minister David Piccini for this opportunity to impact Ontario. Looking forward to continuing to work with the strong leadership of Joel Moody and our Chair Stephen Chaplin.”

Cook has a BA in Economics from Concordia University and a Master of Industrial Relations from the University of Toronto. As the VP of Workplace Health and Safety Services, he oversees all aspects of workplace health and safety programs at the WSIB, with a focus on being at the forefront of innovation and creating a culture of health and safety in Ontario.

Before joining Workplace Health and Safety Services, Rod spent four years as the WSIB’s Vice President of Human Resources. Under his leadership, the WSIB was awarded the Mental Health at Work Silver Level certification from Excellence Canada. Prior to joining the WSIB, he held leadership positions at Rogers Communications, Allstream and AT&T Canada. He was recognized with the Morley Gunderson Prize by the University of Toronto in 2019.

Cook’s term runs from May 27, 2024, to May 26, 2027.

Current membership reflects input from:

  • five employer representatives
  • five unionized labour representatives
  • one non-union labour representative
  • one Workplace Safety and Insurance board representative
  • two occupational health and safety experts.

Current appointments and vacancies

1Member (Part-Time)LEE-ANNE LYON-BARTLEY13-Dec-2021 – 12-Dec-2024Brampton
2Member (Part-Time)DUSTIN PHILP04-Aug-2023 – 03-Aug-2025Lindsay
3Member (Part-Time)BLAIR ALLIN11-Aug-2023 – 10-Aug-2025St. Catharines
4Member (Part-Time)CORA DEMARCO20-Nov-2023 – 19-Nov-2025Lively
5Member (Part-Time)SANDRO PINTO20-Nov-2023 – 19-Nov-2025Toronto
6Member (Part-Time)DANIEL WORRALL21-Nov-2023 – 20-Nov-2025Oshawa
7Member (Part-Time)COLIN DERAAF20-Dec-2022 – 19-Dec-2025Waterdown
8Member (Part-Time)JAMES ST. JOHN20-Dec-2022 – 19-Dec-2025Etobicoke
9Member (Part-Time)ERNEST PETER ROWE03-Feb-2023 – 02-Feb-2026London
10Member (Part-Time)ROGER TICKNER16-Feb-2023 – 15-Feb-2026Richmond Hill
11Member (Part-Time)ALEXIS GAMBLE10-Apr-2024 – 09-Apr-2026Ancaster
12Member (Part-Time)STEPHEN CHAPLIN30-Mar-2024 – 29-Mar-2027Mississauga
13Member (Part-Time)RODNEY COOK27-May-2024 – 26-May-2027Whitby
14Member (Part-Time)
15Member (Part-Time)

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